Orcs kill because they are evil


For a writer, productivity is balanced against sociability. I had hardly any social life this past month, but I was insanely productive. I called it, “Unraveler History Month,” because I worked tirelessly on the historical background.

One thing I love about books like Game of Thrones and the Lord of the Rings is that sense that the world is lived in. There was history before the events in those books, and it makes those books feel real. I want that element in my book. I want to know about the wars that happened in my world, how particular cities got their names, why there is an abandoned castle in the middle of the forests, and how all of that figures into the motivations of my characters.

because it’s evil

Something that I don’t like in novels is mindless evil. Orcs, ready to kill and eat manflesh simply because all orcs are evil. Creepy men wearing black eye shadow that want to kill you for no apparent reason. A monster that emerges from the depths because it was prophesized to kill everyone because it’s evil.

Evil itself, I feel, is not a reason. Prophecy is not a reason. It’s not logic. Did XXX kill everyone in town simply because he’s evil? No. Often, though, creatures like orcs are willing to do their master’s bidding for no other reason than they have black hearts, but that seems like a cop-out to me.

My “evil” characters are driven by true motivations. My monsters have reasons. Even my environmental antagonists have reasons. Logic that reads more that, “Because it’s evil. Why else?”


So, my history.

I’ve been working on building a timeline that spans over 4000 years. It lists EVERY single King or ruler during that time period… for all five nations in my book. For some, it even gives details on how they died and why so-and-so replaced them instead of so-and-so.

So, I’ve been working on that, noting every major war, battle, triumph, gain, loss, marriage, event, etc, for a span of 4000 years. I’ve also been building my giant family tree, listing all of my major characters and their families (hundreds and hundreds of names). I’ve been preparing myself for a new read-through (I always make a giant list of things to work on as I read, and also mark up my document with comments with smaller stuff to weed out before the read). I’ve been reworking this system I had for mystical/magical stuff, too.

I might write more on magic later, though.

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True Ultimate Evil: A fighting game concept

Wouldn’t it be amazing to have a video game where you have no choice but to play as the most evil characters ever created? A game where no heroes exist…. Well, I had a fun time imagining what that game would be.


Okay, so, take the style of Smash Bros and add the most evil characters ever instead of the Nintendo cast. Tell me it wouldn’t be awesome to fight as the Borg Queen against Frieza from DBZ. Sauron vs. Lord Voldemort. The Wicked Witch of the West vs. Alien.

You don’t have to tell me how impossible this game is. I know. Disney would never make a game with DC, Cartoon Network, Universal, and every other major movie studio combined. I get that. This is just my personal fantasy. So, here goes:

Characters: I know there are a ton of the classic horror movie monsters I didn’t add. However, I didn’t want this game to be overridden by just classic monsters; I wanted a good blend of modern and classic, so I left characters like the Creature from the Black Lagoon and The Mummy out. I also wanted a few cartoony characters to diversify from the realer characters, which is why I picked Mojo Jojo along side of The Joker.

If I left any characters out, if you disagree with me, leave a comment with your own character list!

Starting lineup:

Borg Queen
Pennywise the Dancing Clown
Darth Vader
Frankenstein’s Monster
The Joker
Ursula the Sea Witch
Exorcist Girl


Rita Repulsa
King Geoffrey
The Wicked Witch of the West
Angelica Pickles
Clockwork Orange Guy
Mojo Jojo
Davey Jones (Pirates of the Caribbean)

Exclusive to Nintendo:

Exclusive to Sony:
Sweet Tooth from Twisted Metal

Exclusive to Microsoft:
Gruntilda from Banjo-Kazooie

DLC Characters:
Jason Voorhees
Jean-Baptiste Emanuel Zorg from 5th Element

Agent Smith
Randall Flagg from SK Novels
The Duck Hunt Dog
The Hamburglar
Zuul from Ghostbusters


Earthen Mountains from Dragon Ball Z
The Borg Cube from Star Trek
The Death Star from Star Wars
Under The Sea from The Little Mermaid
Mount Doom from The Lord of the Rings
Elm Street Dreams from Nightmare on Elm Street
The Sewers from It
The House of Laughs from Batman
Unlockable Stages:
The Battle of Hogwarts from Harry Potter
The Toy Store from Chucky
The Iron Throne Room from A Song of Ice and Fire
The Woods from Slender
The Flying Dutchmann from Pirates of the Carribean
Observatory from Powerpuff Girls
Munchkin Land from The Wizard of Oz
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