Hit by a flying V.

Hit by a flying V.

No Joke.

Walking back to my room, I saw some very low flying ducks.
“Hey, look at the ducks! Cool!”
They flew closer. There was about 14-16 ducks flying in a pair of V formations stacked on top of each other like a double-decker bus. They were quacking a marching hymn.
They avoided the trees. They didn’t feel like landing apparently.
“They’re coming right at me.”
A mallard wedge was about to slice me down the center.
Lucky my spider-senses caught on.
l i k e b e i n g s t r u c k b y R a f i k i ' s s t i c k

l i k e b e i n g s t r u c k b y R a f i k i ‘ s s t i c k
written in 2007

In whom do you confide?


While they migrate their hands into the position of the awkward turtle, I have been studying their reactions to the paralyzing ideals and commentary. While they have been averting their gaze and marauding the bait, I have been focusing in on the automatic articulations of their body’s clumsiness. A foul smite once and awhile may seem to be my only reward, however I find a consequence that does appeal. A certain pang of brutality tunes and refines a core and braces it further for the unseen other; a battered throat does not choke on stone soup, but uses the leverage to digest the thick roots for the desired nutrition.

l e f t


you are my smiling cat,
colorful and mysterious.
you fade in when i don’t expect,
you fade out when i’m curious.

and when i think i’ve finally found,
a way to watch your work,
your body blends into the air,
and i’m left with a smirk.


written in 2007 during college about a girl I was madly in love with, but had yet to speak to


The first time my room mate has ever been gone.


It is strange, in my room,
Sure, his computer will hum,
but then so will I,
but I’ll pick the tune.

For a time, on my own,
Sure, the quiet consumes me,
though it will not last,
though I wish it would.

Hope for it, with his sake,
Sure, it is not even real,
at least it’s for a while,
at least he’ll feel it once.

Back to it, he will come,
the music box with turning knobs,
gears that click and spin,
uniform and trill.

Alas, he will come to find, when in the mill it rains,
And time will come to take away the chance for a change.
Alone and stiff full of regret, you’ll finally realize,
A certain music box has been blaring out your eyes.
Across the universe, the globe, and the hall,
Apparently the fraction found was not that big at all.

Alas you will see and find only one way left to go…

…It’ll be strange, in your room,
Sure, your computer will hum,
but then you will too,
there will be no tune.

Crank the bar, music box,
slowly looping is the sound,
eerily so low,
uniform and trill.


please note that I wrote this one in 2007

waking dreaming


I always remember seeing things move before falling asleep.

The earliest one that I can clearly remember was in a chair at CJ’s house. He had some comfortable chairs, so when I’d spend the night over we’d use them. The way I got comfortable had me facing directly toward a statue of Uncle Sam. This thing was proportioned much like a bobble head. Anyway, I was falling asleep looking directly at it. For some reason, I felt the urge to wink at it. Then, without hesitation it smirked and winked back at me.

I spent the rest of that night holding my eyes shut pretending that I could not have possibly seen what I had.

c o n t e n t


A very small bird approached,
cautiously in short hops.
It turned its head,
with a twist,
and spoke,

Being content with your limitations makes life less stressful.
You must have limitations set to be content with them.
Setting your limitations prevents you from having the possibility to achieve new experiences.
Achieving new experiences leads you to wanting more experiences.
Wanting more experiences keeps you from being content with your limitations.

After that,
it fluttered its wings,
without pecking for a seed,
it flew off,
back into the woods.