cicrl corpre



Keyshawn’s father had become wealthy creating parts for entertainment electronics. His father was renown for his genius; an artist of product that set the industry standards as he invented them.


Keyshawn had followed in his father’s footsteps, but he was worried that he would never live up to his family name. The old man noticed this and so gave his son a hint:

“You know, the secret is simple; keep making it smaller.”


Keyshawn’s face had gone blank. The stress of the upcoming funeral. The feelings over his father. The last thing Keyshawn needed was a cryptic puzzle to work out.


“No, son, I mean for you to keep inventing the same inventions I have, just keep making the parts smaller. That is half of what innovation is all about; making electronics smaller.”


His father died that night. Keyshawn had him cremated and then dusted him into a cigar box. His company would go on.


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