back when way


I wish my yoyo had a brain.
Used to, back when way
even my art teacher had the black framed
metal band of thinking throwing play

it always knows just when to hit and stay
a simply tug return
and I could twist the string
a bridge, a dog, a cradle to learn
I found the star painted
wooden doorknobs glued together
under the desk of the practice stage
but that was when now meant forever
and that was when we built to last
I throw
out and it comes back swirling
I pitch, but I can’t make it go
in place
so no bridges or doggies walking
because it’s just wooden, not advanced
and thinking


I recently found an old yoyo, and the other day I made a music video out of one of my old band’s songs. It was fun! So, I have yoyos on the brain…



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