This is a ginger’s best friend.
the cool whisper of a child’s mother after a day on
the beach.
I remember lizarding after a Seattle constant cloud-covered rainy cold and misty winter, I remember them laying out on the park grass soaking in the summer. I remember the braless wonder, the hobo on the baseball field, and the line at Subway that extended to the outside but nobody cared.
I walked there to be healthy, like we always said we wanted to be.
But you left McDonald’s wrappers in the backseat and I lost ten pounds.
and you bought gym memberships you never used and I lost another five
and I cooked a vegetable soup and you cooked a pie
and I blamed the winter’s sadness but you blamed me.
I walked the beach alone, I never told anyone
and I scooped up the cold northern ocean and sifted it through
my fingers.
the lizards lay face-down on the beach
my skin peeled the next day
and I knew I wanted to leave

This is the first blog post of an experiment. I’m going to use this space to freely write down whatever I want on whatever topic at random. I might click “random article” on Wikipedia and go from there. I might wake up late at night and type until I fall asleep. I don’t know. It’s going to be complete randomness.


Writing jogs my brain into motion, and lately I’ve been feeling like my brain is absolutely overloaded with everything ever. I have so much cooped up in my head, and I need an extra outlet to get it all out. So, there’s that. It’s expelling randomness.

Sometimes it will turn into a story.
Sometimes a poem.
Sometimes random facts.
Sometimes satire.
Sometimes complete garbage.
I don’t know.
It could become anything.

I’m going to try to use the backspace key as little as possible, so I will definitely leave spelling errors and other things in fairly often. Freewriting is about going fast and not looking back, right? So, that’s what this will be.

I’m not going to advertise this. It’s going to just be a random end of the Internet, and if you’ve read something enjoyable on here, that’s totally awesome. If not, then whatever.

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